Ubiquitous Computing Comes After the Mobile Phone

I love new technology. I remember the day that iPhone came out. I stood in line for 3 hours at the Apple Store in Arlington, VA. Most of my friends thought I was CRAZY for spending $700 on a mobile phone. But I knew I was seeing the start of a revolution that would change the world.

Everyone wants to know... what's the next iPhone gonna be? We all waited with baited breath. The iPad was a relative hit. Then came them Apple Watch, Apple TV updates, Apple Airpods, which were all fine but nothing of iPhone caliber.

What if the next computing revolution isn't a device like the iPhone? Ubiquitous computing is the next revolution. Everything is a computer. Your watch is a computer. Your ear buds are a computer. Your house is a computer. Your car is a computer.  All of these are platforms that you can build apps on on top of.

Apple, Google, Microsoft start creating systems that allow us stitch all of these systems together into something even smarter and more useful.

It makes the Apple Watch seem like less of a disappointment in the shadow of the iPhone and more like a piece of the puzzle.