Community Building


As marketers, we want to use all of these digital channels to build an audience so that we can sell stuff.  I provide you value. You buy my stuff. It's very transactional. Yes, that's good but it falls short of what the medium can do for you.

In high school psychology class, they talked about Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. Third level from the top is belonging. People want to belong.

Your product and marketing can and should be more than about features and benefits. It can be about a common beliefs or world view. It's about joining a community. Famed marketer Seth Godin talked about how great marketing can make you feel part of a tribe.

While looking at past posts, I noticed that I've written A LOT about community building. I collected the posts together. I hope you find thise helpful.


What does a community need?


(Photo by Incase)