My favorite beers

If you know me, you know that craft beer is one of my hobbies. There are so many different craft breweries, regions, and styles. It’s fun to explore how the brewer can take simple ingredients and turn it into a really interesting beverage that tells a story and invokes an emotion.

The other day a friend asked me what my favorite beer was.  It depends on the day and my mood and the style that I’m excited about at any given moment.

So, I looked through my Untappd profile and broke down my favorite beers based on the style.  Yes, I’m sure there are other beers that I’d love that aren’t on here. This is influenced by the fact that I live in St Louis, MO and grew up in Michigan.

But here’s my list. What’s yours?

Everyday – This is the beer you gravitate to when you don’t feel like being adventurous but still want delicious.

Classic IPA


Citrus IPA

Special IPA

Brown Ale

Scotch Ale

Saison – This is my favorite style right now.



Coffee Beer


Desert Beers

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