The Next iPhone is No iPhone

Every year, Apple upgrades the iPhone with the hope that it makes you feverishly want to buy a new one. It’s worked so well that it’s made them one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Increasingly, it seems like the next iPhone is no iPhone. What does that mean? It’s become less about an Apple device in my pocket. It’s now Apple devices all over me. My favorite Apple devices are now the Apple Watch and my Apple AirPods wireless headphones. I may not have my iPhone on me but I always have my Apple Watch on and I’m increasingly always having my AirPods on.

I’m seeing both the Apple Watch and the Apple AirPods more ubiquitously on people as I go throughout my day. People poo poo’d the Apple Watch when it was launched. They said it was a dud product. Increasingly,  more of my friends have one. When I was in NYC, I almost saw just as many Apple AirPods as I saw traditional Apple Ear Buds.

Now, the news in Bloomberg is that Apple is working to upgrade the Apple AirPods with better computer chips so you can more easily talk to Siri. They’re no longer just headphones. You really have a computer in your ear. Google has already made headphones that can translate languages its hears.

You have to believe, with Apple’s investment in augmented reality and ARKit, Apple Glasses aren’t that far off.  Maybe by that point, we’ll have Apple contact lenses that’ll display information on our eyeballs.

The future of the phone isn’t a phone. It’s computers all over you that help you navigate through your life.



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