Winning & Donald Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t have a point of view or thesis about policy. He just wants to win. He wants people to like him. He wants people to see him win.

Size of His Audience

He lies about his ratings and how great they are. He lied about how many people watched his inauguration. He said it was huge. He lied about how popular The Apprentice was.

When there was Hurricane Harvey, he timed to have the Arpio pardon because he thought more people would be watching the news.

Needing a Legislative Win

Donald wasn’t able to get a win out of Republicans. So, Trump was happy to switch sides and do a deal with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi over DACA & border security.

His Base Loves Him (But That’s 35%)

When he talked about how both sides were responsible for Charlottesville violence, his base thought he was right. His base thinks can do no wrong.

Everything is Transactional. So Win the Transaction. 

Donald Trump addressed the United Nations and talked about sovereignty over and over again. His view of foreign policy is what we get out of it. He doesn’t believe that rising tides raise all ships.