Two Websites I Read Everyday

Now, more than ever, it’s so critically important to be informed about what’s going on in the world. I have a handful of new sources that I follow pretty closely. I’m a big fan of the New York Times and Vox for current events and politics. I read Recode and TechCrunch for tech news.

There are other sites that are fantastic. I just don’t have the time to pay attention to them all. You see some of them by following social media but you don’t see everything or from as wide of variety of sources.

I’ve become a HUGE fan of two news aggregator site: Techmeme for tech news and Memeorandum for politics. Both sites act as a one-sheet for their respective topics. You can read these sites and get headlines from a WIDE variety of different sites. I can read these two sites and I feel fairly confident that I’m getting a full picture of what’s really important.

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