When I Need Protection…

There are existential threats to my life that loom so large that by my own will I can’t resolve or safeguard my family from them.

I can’t stop a terrorist attack. I can’t stop climate change. As we’ve seen, while I can play my part, I can’t own my own stop a pandemic.

There are BIG global problems that need a bigger solutions. There are big problems that need bigger resources to be marshaled in order to fully resolve them.

The hope is that the government will step in a lot… or at least most of these circumstances. They’re there to help mitigate that risk. They can see the problems that I can’t see… they can marshal the resources that I can’t marshal.

The challenging part is… the man at the top of the government has been creating more risk than mitigating it.

He’s suggesting unproven drugs that may do harm.

He’s suggesting people inhale bleach.